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POHO park Gabriela

Industrial Park Lazy

The Industrial Park is designed to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Industrial Park Jan Karel

The industrial Park is designed to be sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Cycle paths, cycle routes and walking routes in the post-mining landscape

The key topic for 2020 is the concept for linking and providing…


Working alongside the Moravian-Silesian Region, we have created a map app giving useful information and interesting facts and figures about the POHO region. The map shows strategic projects in the POHO2030 programme, technical infrastructure, places of natural interest, leisure activities, and other information from analytical studies.


The main aim of the European Green Deal is to achieve a climate-neutral economy. However, not all of the EU’s member states are starting from the same position – and those states whose economies are more reliant on fossil fuels (such as coal) will need substantially larger investments than other countries. To address this challenge, the European Union has created the Just Transition Fund, which will ensure that all member states receive their fair share of funding to support the transition to a climate-neutral economy.

The Just Transition Fund will mobilize 100 billion EUR – not only in the form of direct subsidies, but also as loan capital. Funds totalling 44 billion CZK (around 1.7 billion CZK) have already been allocated to the Czech Republic for subsidies, and further support will be available as loans offered at highly competitive rates. The subsidy funding will be distributed via a special operational programme managed by the Czech Ministry of the Environment.

The Just Transition Fund represents a crucial source of funding for the POHO2030 programme. It will enable the implementation of key strategic projects such as conversions of former coal mine sites. These projects are currently at the planning stage (see the Projects section), and they are scheduled for implementation in 2022–2026.